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Dominion Literacy

Dominion Literacy is an idea housed in a non-profit organization.

What's Our Mission? 

Dominion Literacy’s mission is to promote community literacy through advocacy. The vision of the organization is to maintain a literate community that promotes educational equity through advocacy.

How did the idea begin?

It seems like the efforts of Dominion Literacy were always present. Our founder had always connected with serving people specifically in literacy efforts. She learned to love writing at an early age and wanted to help everyone to love learning as well.


While playing on the playground with her young daughter, someone asked her how her daughter’s vocabulary got “so big.” Suddenly, an idea of helping others get “so big” in their own way was formed. Dr. Adams began holding literacy workshops at the libraries and coffee shops in Columbus, Georgia. She earned a grant from 50can to support families with learning literacy strategies they could use at home.





What other ideas do we support?

While serving our community during the Pandemic, two new ideas were manifested: Camp Blossom and Promising Parent Pods.

Camp Blossom






The idea of Camp Blossom formed in New Orleans when the two founders discussed how several families had contacted me with concerns about students going back to the school building after being in virtual school for a year. Camp Blossom was formed as a bridge to virtual learning and face-to-face learning for K-3rd grade students in Atlanta, GA. The kiddos focused on literacy, math, and social emotional skills presented in a culturally responsive way. Our Facebook page shows some of the fun we had during our first summer camp!

Promising Parent Pods


The idea of Promising Parent Pods started during the Pandemic because families wanted support with virtual learning. This group started as a support group that provided virtual learning strategies, academic tutoring, and community events. This group provided a social outlet for the children when virtual school was in attendance. We offered virtual playdates including dance parties, cooking lessons, movie nights, and so much more. When school went back face-to-face, this group continued to provide academic tutoring and a social outlet for families. Click here to check us out on Facebook. 

Let’s “Ignite the Ideas” together! Sign up for a consulting or tutoring appointment here.

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