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Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. (HOPE, OPTIMISM, PURPOSE)

Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. (HOPE, OPTIMISM, PURPOSE)  is an idea housed in a support thinktank for homeschooling families and those thinking of becoming homeschooling families.

What's Our Mission? 


Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. (HOPE, OPTIMISM, PURPOSE) supports homeschooling families seeking alternative educational journeys (tailored specifically for their children's needs) with virtual and face-to-face academic resources, community activities, and mentoring opportunities.

How did the idea begin?

Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. (HOPE, OPTIMISM, PURPOSE) launched in December 2021 when Dr. LaTasha Adams began homeschooling her daughter out of necessity of the Pandemic/health concerns and had a difficult time finding resources that fit her needs. Although Dr. Adams was an educator and trained teachers professionally, the process of homeschooling was new to her and she desired a community of other homeschooling families.


She joined several co-ops and homeschool support organizations that were helpful, but still needed unique resources for her daughter as a working homeschool mother. Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. grew out of this necessity with a heart towards working families who seek to homeschool. 


Still, Dominion Homeschool H.O.P. is for any family who is considering or currently homeschooling, and are searching for a community to provide resources for the parents and academic/social emotional support for their children. Right now, it is primarily for families who have children in elementary or middle schools in Georgia, but we hope to expand. There are unique concerns that homeschooling young children presents and this organization provides a community and resources to families. Academic resources like tutoring, curriculum planning for families, a social community, and mentorship for parents are provided by Dominion Homeschool H.O.P.

How can you contact us? 

THIS JUST IN: We are starting programming for our 2nd cohort of families and have a waiting list for our 3rd cohort that will start in 2023! Stay tuned for more information!

We are currently working to expand the families that we work with and the offerings that we have for homeschooling families and those considering homeschooling.


 Email us at to join our waiting list.


Click here for a consulting appointment.  

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