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Dominion Education Services

Dominion Education Services is an idea housed in an educational consulting business.

What's Our Mission? 

The mission of Dominion Education Services is to make a difference in people’s lives through education services.

How did the idea begin?

Dominion Education Services was launched in 2004 when Dr. Adams was working on her doctoral degree, working with individual students, and serving teachers in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. After speaking with a mother who wanted someone to SEE her son's brilliance, Dr. Adams knew that she wanted to impact those students who are commonly made invisible. The idea for Dominion Education Services was birthed at that moment and Dr. Adams has worked with school districts, schools, families, and other organizations to ignite invisible ideas ever since!

What are our services?

We provide the following services to organizations and families:

  • Training and Development for Educators

  • Event Planning

  • Literacy Tutoring for K-12 

  • Doctoral Dissertation Coaching

  • Editing Services

  • Grant Writing and Coaching

Let’s “Ignite the Ideas” together! Sign up for a consulting or tutoring appointment here.

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